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Email Newsletter Marketing Monday

March 28, 2022

Special Guests Nicolle Ferrier of Sugar Feather Farm and Carolyn Rose-Seed of Mamma Springs Farm join Brittany Sweeney and Samantha Gasson to chat about email newsletters for your small business.


Nicolle, aka The Fowl Guru, has been raising animals for over 20 years as a self-trained fowl expert. She has education, trainings and background working with Poultry Scientists, Fowl Nutritionists and Fowl Breeder Mentors and Experts. She is the founder and owner of Sugar Feather Farm LLC in Vermont (, mother of 5 children and a consultant for Civil Engineering firms. Nicolle is also a Certified Vermont Master Composter (intern) and volunteer for several charity organizations. She is a contributor, donator and member of The Livestock Conservancy and Pavlovskaya Conservation Association East Cost Director. She also volunteers in her community regularly and provides mentorships and internships for special needs individuals and students.

Carolyn Rose-Seed (she/her) runs MamaSprings (, a small urban farm, in Durham, NC. The farm specializes in cut flowers, microgreens, and seasonal vegetables, marketing its products via farmers’ market and subscription programs. Carolyn stumbled into farming right as her third pregnancy collided with a recession and a lay-off In an effort to not starve, a giant garden was planted, and a business was born. Carolyn has nurtured her small urban farm right along with her above-average-sized family for the past twelve years.

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