The Livestock Conservancy

Marketing Monday - Branding with Jennifer Kendall

February 28, 2022

Special Guest Jennifer Kendall joins Brittany Sweeney and Samantha Gasson to chat about branding for your farm or small business.


Jennifer Kendall has been a professional marketer for over 15 years. She prides herself in her ability to both THINK and DO - combining both strategy and action to propel organizations forward.

She began her career in tourism marketing and eventually transferred her marketing skills into the agricultural and nonprofit arena in her role as Marketing Director for The Livestock Conservancy. Jennifer has spent the past 10 years in the educational sector, supporting the growth of educational brands. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge and learnings with others.

In addition to her day job in branding and marketing, she's a mom of two rambunctious boys and 2 needs basset hounds, and wife to Thomas.

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