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Mulefoot Pig Chat with Gracie Cardwell

January 11, 2022

Special Guest Gracie Cardwell will chat with Charlene Couch and Brittany Sweeney about this critically-endangered breed. Gracie knew she wanted to be a farmer or involved with animals in kindergarten. Unfortunately, her family, teachers and Sunday School teachers did not approve because she was neither rich nor a boy.


"Well, I'm still a girl and still not rich but I own and run Gateway Farm," she said. "We have gone from 5 acres to almost 25 and I am eyeing some more space now. We started with veggies, then added critters. When I was about ten, I told my Uncle Lee Cassell that I didn't like piggies because the mud squished up between their toes. He said there was a breed that had a horse hoof, but he thought they were extinct. Fast forward to the mid 2010s, I was setting up for pigs and had American Guinea Hogs, Kune-Kune and American Mulefoot Hogs on my shortlist."

Gracie is a Charter Member on the Board of Directors of American Mulefoot Breeders Association since it's inception in 2012. She served from Secretary to Chairman. Learn more about the association at

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