The Livestock Conservancy

San Clemente Island Goat Chat with Sarah Howell

October 20, 2021
Get to know the critically-endangered San Clemente Island Goat breed with Sarah Butcher Howell, Charlene Couch, and Brittany Sweeney. On this goat chat, Sarah talks about the incredible versatility of this breed and the importance of building community among breeders.
Sarah and her husband Stephen own Skara Brae Homestead (@SkaraBraeHomesteadVa) in Opal, Virginia. Skara Brae is a regenerative farm specializing in full diet farmshares utilizing heirloom produce and meat, dairy, eggs from a variety of breeds on The Livestock Conservancy's Conservation Priority List.
Sarah currently serves as the president of the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association ( She and Stephen have been raising San Clemente Island Goats since 2008. They utilize their herd for meat, dairy, and draft. Their pet project is rebuilding of the Ahrensberg bloodline along with fellow breeders Allan and Kim Sparks of Sparrowhawk Farm in Maine.

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