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Schmaltz Chicken Chat with Michael Ruhlman

March 24, 2022

Special Guest Michael Rulman, an award-winning author, chef, and journalist, joins Jeannette Beranger and Brittany Sweeney about halfway through to chat about cooking with chicken fat, also called schmaltz.


Michael Rulman is the author of nine non-fiction books, one collection of novellas, and eight cookbooks; he is the co-author with various chefs of ten other cookbooks. Best known for writing about food, chefs and the work of professional cooking, Michael has also written for The New York Times, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Gourmet magazine, and other publications.

Anthony Bourdain, in a review for The New York Times Book Review of Soul of a Chef, wrote, “Ruhlman sets out to perform a task even restaurant insiders would find difficult: to delve so deeply into the hearts and minds of a few select chefs that he may discover the essence of haute cuisine. Amazingly enough, he succeeds—by turning his investigation into an adventure story, a hold-your-breath-while-you-turn-the-page thriller that's also an anthropological study of the culture of cooking.”

Alex Witchel, writing more recently in The Times, described Michael as “a chef whisperer to the stars.”

Michael lives with his wife, the writer Ann Hood, in New York City and Providence, RI.

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