The Livestock Conservancy

Scour Wool Like a Boss Wooly Wednesday

May 12, 2022
Special Guest Mary Egbert joins Cindra Kerscher to demonstrate tips and tricks for scouring a raw fleece at home. Mary is the owner of Camaj Fiber Arts ( and author of the bestselling book on scouring fibers, "The Art of Scouring Wool, Mohair and Alpaca."
Mary is also the head instructor at the Camaj School of Fiber Arts and the creator of the Eszee Twist Tool and monthly fiber "Spinning Box." She has traveled the country teaching spinning, fiber prep and scouring to many fiber loving folks. Her articles on fiber prep, spinning, small business secrets and scouring can be seen in magazines such as "Spin Off," "Ply" and "Alpaca Magazine." Mary's two daughters, Jessica and Carissa, happily work along side her to provide all customers with the best possible fiber and buying experience.

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