The Livestock Conservancy

Turkey Chat with Christine Heinrichs

November 8, 2022
Special Guest author Christine Heinrichs joins Jeannette Beranger and Brittany Sweeney to chat about updates to The Livestock Conservancy's heritage breed turkey manual, "How to Raise Heritage Breed Turkeys on Pasture," during this pre-recorded session. You can find the first edition of the manual on The Livestock Conservancy's website at The second edition will be available in early 2023.
Christine Heinrichs writes from her home on California’s Central Coast. She keeps a backyard flock of a dozen hens, seven large fowl of various breeds, and five bantams.
Her book, "How to Raise Chickens," was first published in 2007, just as the local food movement was starting to focus attention on the industrial food system. "How to Raise Poultry" and "The Backyard Field Guide to Chickens" followed. Both books are now out of print, but available on the APA website,, as well as Amazon and other websites. "How To Raise Chickens" is available at Tractor Supply stores as well as independent bookstores and online.
Christine holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Oregon and belongs to several professional journalism and poultry organizations.
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