The Livestock Conservancy

Rabbit Chats with Eric Stewart of the ARBA

April 5, 2022
Special Guest Eric Stewart, Executive Director of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (, joins Charlene Couch and Brittany Sweeney to chat about rabbit shows, heritage breeds, breed census, and more.
The American Rabbit Breeders Association is the world’s largest registry of rabbits and cavies boasting over 20,000 members worldwide. ARBA also maintains the Standard of Perfection, a guide to the ideals for all 50 recognized breeds of rabbit and 13 breeds of cavy. ARBA provides data from their shows and registry to aid The Livestock Conservancy with their census determinations. ARBA also has a specialty show type that specifically promotes rare breeds being exhibited.
Eric Stewart is the current ARBA Executive Director and has been raising rabbits since 1986. Eric is an all-breed rabbit and cavy judge, having first earning his license in 1995. In addition to his day job, Eric also owns Higher Ground Farm specializing in French Angora rabbits and Colored Angora Goats. In 2021 Eric not only won Best in Show at the Colored Angora Goat National Show, but also Best in Show at the ARBA National Convention; the first time a French Angora has ever won that distinction in the history of the association. He sells fiber from his farm along with woolen products for the discerning fiber artist.
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